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Product_Kiosk Handsanitizer_Ungu copy.jpg

Kiosk Handsanitizer
Available in 22 inch

Indoor Display, FHD

Product_Kiosk_Ungu copy.jpg

Face Recognition
Available in 8 inch

Indoor Display, LCD Display, Industrial Class

Product_Table_Ungu copy.jpg

The Consultant
Interactive Table 55 inch

Indoor Display,Metal Frame, Customized

Product_Smart Display_Ungu.jpg

Smart Display 55

Professional Industrial Display

Indoor Display, Graphics & Sound Verified, Up to 4K Resolution

Product_Presentation Board_Ungu copy.jpg

Sentuh Smart Board
Available in 55/65/85 inch

Available in Capacitive & Infra Red Touch Technology

Product_Kiosk_Ungu copy.jpg

Smart Kiosk
Available in 22/32 inch

Support with IoT

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